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Things aren't what they were.
Where are the voices of change?

We are mad progressive social scientists. Things aren't what they were. Where are the voices of change? Is it No, Petitions are just virtue signals. The change is not going to come from Corporate America. The conventional music and film industries are melting down in the digital age. We are going to do this through ART.

Plays and theater have always been the voice of the people. We are doing this without rules, without boundaries. We change hearts and minds one human at a time on a personal level.

Our art reaches out to you. It appeals because people have become desperate and want a way to understand how to create and evoke the change that's necessary in these divisive times.

  • The Theatre. Direct, Personal contact with people. It's what has been missing

  • You tube: The new News. More people get data from YouTube than all sources combined.

  • Books have faded, but not the stories you read on the internet


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